We are a family run independent business from Cork. Bosca Frelli was born this year when we designed a really exciting new way of packaging gifts. To protect your food and drink items from arriving at the recipient's door a little out of shape, we discovered a recyclable cardboard tube that will ship easily and safely. Being eco friendly is important to us. Not only are we using less packaging, but we are sourcing our products locally so reducing our carbon foot print. 

Ireland is bursting with artisan food and drink producers. The quality and variety of products available is mind blowing. We have chosen simply beautiful tasting treats, that are packaged creatively by small businesses. We have made interesting combinations of produce and gifts in our Bosca Frelli gift boxes for you. Shopping locally is so important to us. Getting to know the suppliers and to hear their stories, and to build relationships with them. We are all helping to spread the word that Irish products are superior. Simple as that!

We hope you enjoy our gift boxes. We continue to search for new and exciting local suppliers. We would love to hear from you. Send us a message by email hello@boscafrelli.com